Another great post and very timely. The collapsing credibility of regime loyalists within the Right is proof that the current system is breaking down. The frauds that used to work no longer do. This exposes the system to danger: its nature is revealed, its legitimacy is further eroded and its ability to demobilise potential opposition shrinks. There is nothing to regret about any of this.

The emerging system, or the successor to the current regime, cannot expect to establish its legitimacy by way of elections. The fraudulent character of electoral politics was established by the ease with which the electoral process was rigged in 2020, as well as by the ease with which the regime intimidated the entire federal court system (which upheld the fraudulent outcome on procedural grounds). All of this compounds the spectacle of representatives who routinely neglect to advocate for their constituents (sometimes with a malicious enthusiasm for betrayal).

The mid-terms will test both the system and its victims/subjects. The nominal result may well be irrelevant. What is key is how the electorate respond to the instances of electoral fraud and how far the courts will go to legitimise those frauds.

Finally, Theophilus you need to further develop your thinking about the case for a paternalistic mode of governance. The current regime simultaneously claims to represent the people while using therapeutic and eudaimonic interventions to disempower, exploit and immiserate the people. The passivity and docility that are being created and normalised by this are creating precisely the sort of conditions for an enlightened despotism (using the expression in the value neutral sense that a despot is simply a lord).

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Yes, excellent piece. Although i disagree, it's well done and thought provoking.

My chief criticism is that we don't inhabit a democracy nor a representative republic in any, actual sense. These are illusions contrived (like the Matrix) to keep all western peoples as docile cogs in the rulers' wheel.

The reality we inhabit is better viewed as a criminal cartel of sorts. A gang of corruptocrats comprised of many factions and families loosely affiliated in their overarching Racket-- stealing the wealth and soul of the people.

As such, it is fantasy to believe that a criminal Cartel can be voted out-- or that Americans can improve their lot by voting in the right kind of criminals or even mirabile dictu! Honest people who will go to dc to battle the crooks.


Let's imagine our country as a small city. It has been infested with a malevolent and ruthless criminal gang. Over the years the crooks gained control over every lever of power, doling out favors to some, carving up the city resources amongst themselves, intimidating or killing any who resisted. "Go ahead!" they say,"have your elections. Have your candidates if you don't like the ones we give you. We don't mind because at the end of the day, anyone you send to city hall belongs to us, not you. They will take orders and get rich or they will be ousted. We hold the guns, the police, the courts, the news outlets, and the banks. So elect away, suckers!"

It really is that bad. Our refusal to face this is just more evidence of our impotence and capacity for self delusion. In the real world the only way to free the city from bloody criminals is to wipe them out. (Actually, the alternative is that the criminals exhaust every resource and impoverish everyone to such a degree that they move on to new territory but that's a fate perhaps worse than death for citizens).

In the meantime the interweb is full of posts and memes and vids of people excited about an election and dreaming about how things will improve. But the Oligarchs won't cede power without a bloody fight. Elect 535 raving MAGA zealots to Congress and they will smack head first into the raw power of a criminal enterprise willing to coerce and cow anyone who challenges them.

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Trump was/is a psyop. Do you not see that? (Sincere question). Or do you just find it impossible to write from your perspective while acknowledging that?

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The counter move isn't voting... the counter move is to give the Dan Crenshaw (John McCain 2.0) treatment of shame, booing, ostracism, formal censures, and loudly insulting him on every social media platform and article and news platform.

John McCain's actions were tolerated for decades... conservatives flipped on Dan Crenshaw after only 4 years of betrayals.

Another proof historical cycles are accelerating as the Empire declines...

Laughter, ridicule, mockery is our most powerful weapon. Samizdat memes.

We succeed when Dan Crenshaw and Liz Cheney are embarrassed, they can't show their face at a Republican meeting without a "Let's go Brandon!" event where the audience is cursing and booing them, but the politician is smiling and pretending they are cheering.

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Theophilus, with all due respect. This piece is excellent if the 1st 2 paragraphs are omitted.

For 20+ years I had been preaching the exact concept: That elected Republicans were outright hostile to the interests and desires of the people that elected them, and the people who elected them have always hated their guts for it.

Regarding your positions against self determination, I fail to grasp how you can hold that predicate position and yet see so many other issues with great clarity. When one's base assumption's are as incorrect as yours appear to be, it tarnishes all that follows,. Imo, two simple quotes from mind's that time has proven pretty credible (though far from perfect) make your position not just unrealistic, but wholly ludicrous.

"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all others"

"Just tell me where in the world you find these angels who are going to organize society for us"

I maintain both of the above statements survive any and all rebuttal. But I always remain open to contemplating alternative concepts. Point me to your, or other, writing on the the subject and I will consume & contemplate.

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💬 Yes, we have one party here. But so does America. Except, with typical extravagance, they have two of them!

↑↑ attributed to Tanzanian Julius Kambarage Nyerere, wayyyy back in the depths of last century 🤷😉

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If you are going to talk about democracy, you might at least define it and not rely on a public definition provided by the very same investment bankers who are bringing us the WEF, Agenda 30, mRNA, the NWO, and totalitarianism.

As one might expect, they gave you a bum steer.

Theophilus, take my hand and I will walk you gently back in time to a person you have never heard of (evidently), Abraham Lincoln, who coined the lyrical "Government of the people, by the people and for the people". Or, if this is too ambient, Thomas Paine: "All authority resides in the people".

What these worthy dudes meant, me old mate, is that democracy excludes reprsentationalism, elections, votes, campsigns, politicians, parliaments and congresses, policies, and majorities.

It means exactly what it said, the people decide all policy by informed consensus. That is democracy.

Sorry, I knew this would confuse you. Take my hand again and I will fly you into the future, to visit a democratic meritocracy, in which every citizen may contribute to heighbourhood, village, regional, or national policy formulation to whatever detail he or she is comfortable. A single document in three optional parts, one per citizen, is all it takes. Then the Public Service estimates each identified locality for presented consensus and drafts this into an aggreagate national policy document.

Sound complicated.? Not at all. For example, people who live in the Murray Darling Basin would be able to decide on their own water resource management. People in your neighbourhood could decide what constitutes sensible noise abatement for their neighbourhood. And the entire nation could decide whether or not to expel the US military from Australia.

Once you get rid of politicians and political parties, there are actually only a few pressing decisions to be made. 99% of legislation is political garbage.

Having said that, Kiwi Paul Scott will tell us that is not democracy, and that true democracy is called MMP and it exists only in NZ.

Right Paul?

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Thanks very much for this post > bringing us up to date in the antipodes .. Paul Scott. . New Zealand

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