People will tend to use the tools at hand to get the job done, which applies as much to ideas at it does to bricks. There's also the golden age bias - when in a collapse phase, the previous era looks much better. The combination of the two is why societies regenerating from collapse will tend to emulate what came before.

Ameliorating that, there's also the sense that there's a reason the previous society fell apart; so while whatever comes next is generally built out of the predecessors physical and ideological parts, in conscious immitation, no one wants to replicate it in every detail.

Best case scenario is probably a highly federalized, limited-franchise republican system. Buy-in for a monarchy in the general population isn't likely, given the political biases inherited from the last few centuries. That said a much stronger executive branch, and/or a more prominent role for the military, are by no means ruled out.

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I disagree with this sentence: "For those of us in the present system as it undergoes collapse, there’s very little that we can personally do to direct the way things shake out."

We can do. Specially now, when talking to friends, family or in any debate or public speaking with people we know we have information and finally see, why there is big movement of LGBT, the WOKE ideology, Quantitative Easing, how the government and media are corrupted and also how things really were with pandemic. It can just help, to talk about that openly, nothing more, just to share this insight, and I am sure now people will listen.

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Power leads to wealth - there is no wealth without power.

Wealth is a claim on power, but not power itself.

Judeo-Christianity confuses this concept, but it's important to point out.

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Unimportant note.

💬 It’s important to note...

↑↑ Immediately sounds like ChatGPT talk 🤭

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What I love about your writing Theophilus is that you are able to present these complex macroeconomic historical patterns into clear trends. After you explain the arcs of history, it seems so simple.

Reminds me very much of Asimov's Foundation, which I was reading last week. Sadly America more and more resembles the Imperial decay of Trantor.

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